Sunday, June 14, 2009


* The other day Lydia was coloring a picture of a traffic cop directing students. She got to the man's moustache and she looks at me somewhat puzzled and asks, "Mom, what color should I do his beak?"

* With the other two in bed one evening, Lydia was prolonging her bedtime snack by acting silly. She told me she could do a "boy voice". Okay, let's hear it. She was suddenly overcome with giggles and throwing her head back she said, "Just wait, Mom. My tummy is too full of laughs right now!" (She did proceed to lower her voice and say hi which made her fall into another fit of giggles.)

* Lately she's been into searching for infinite answers... Such as... What's taller than me? What's taller than the ceiling? What's taller than the next ceiling (on the second floor)? What's taller than the roof? What's taller than the chimney? And so on, and so forth. Each time you answer, she challenges you.

This girl keeps me thinking, that's for sure. And laughing as well. The things kids come up with are sometimes so far beyond the scope of what we actually see. As adults we tend to think a lot in black and white while kids are more likely to go outside the lines we've set up for ourselves. Our answers are how they learn from us, but their questions are how we learn from them.

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Cami said...

that's too cute and your last sentence is very true! couldn't agree more.